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Treatment tariff:

initial consultation with treatment assessment :£45:00

subsequent sessions are offered as bespoke treatment plans depending on clients treatment requirements 
and goals designed to achieve positive results     
usual treatment course pre-pay of 3 for £120:00   

I can help with a variety of sports and work related injuries as well as problems associated with poor posture and muscle imbalances. Deep tissue massage techniques and stretching is used to relieve specific and non-specific pain, discomfort, tension and stiffness. 

Clients should wear back fastening bra's and underwear for females and briefs in preference to boxers for men. Towels are used to cover areas of the body not being worked on for modesty and warmth.

Reiki Massage:                    £45:00

Reiki means " universal life force", This treatment aims to improve health and well being by focusing healing energy to enhance the clients own ability to self heal. It treats the body holistically, physically, emotionally and spiritually to create beneficial effects including deep relaxation, feelings of peace and well-being and reduction of tension, fatigue and stress. I combine the energy of hands on healing with gentle massage techniques; during the treatment, feelings of warmth or gently pulsing of energy can often be felt. A gentle soothing treatment for all conditions

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